Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Battle in the Outer Darkness

I dismissed all thoughts of terrestrial matters to concentrate on the coming battle. I could feel IT snuffling around. IT was tracking the victim and suddenly lost the trail. I had little time to waste. So I continued to set up my system. Somehow, I knew that doing things widdershins works.

IT drew nearer and nearer. The thunder was louder.

I remembered the words I heard long ago, when I fell and fell and died. I spoke them outloud...soft is hard, cold is hot, dark is light, good is evil, up is I ran through the opposites, the Oneness increased only this time, there was Other in the room. I became aware if IT. IT was very curious. IT wondered who I was. "Who are you," came the interior voice. I composed my self and said, "I am going to destroy you".

IT laughed. "You can see me?" IT inquired. I admitted it was difficult. Very difficult.

IT sniffed at me and then fear entered the chamber. IT was afraid of me.

"Humans can't kill me," IT boasted.

I reached out towards IT, "I am going to destroy you utterly", I said, staring hard at IT.

"First, you have to catch me," hissed IT.

At that, IT took off, flying through the Portals of the Outer Darkness. I changed and followed. IT looked back and howled. I flew after IT.

We jumped out of the Portals and into a place. It was a terrible place. I felt the walls. They were tile of rectangular shape. The ceiling above had shower plumbing, open, old fashioned. I had a vision of what happened in this room and I ground my teeth. "Your father came to this place once," said IT. Then off we jumped, in and out of the Portals. Each room was unfamiliar yet familiar, I noted them as I passed, for future reference. "You will die," IT said, showing my own death, seemingly, suddenly, I said, "I accept this".

IT paused and looked oddly at me. Hissing in rage, IT took off. Showing me worse and worse things, each time, I said, "I accept this fate". We ended up in a very dry cave. On a large stone laid a body, wrapped in cloth. "Behold," IT said, "This is the person people believed never really died." I looked carefully. "He is dead," said IT triumphantly.

"I accept this, too," I said. "There are things worse than death". I felt very alone and sad. But I had a job to do and getting it done was the only chore at hand. I reached out and took ahold of the slithering, shape shifting creature. "I am now going to destroy you", I announced.

The creature shifted gears. "Don't kill me! Please." IT looked carefully at me. I sighed. "I can do things for you!" IT tried to look friendly and chummy. "I can be a fine servant."

I stared at it, astonished at the change.

"I can grant wishes, just like you hear in tales, "IT explained. "Look!" and I could see previous satisfied customers, all happy to work with this genius.

"No", I said, sorrowfully.

"I can make you rich!" IT claimed.


"I can make people worship you", IT said.


"I can help you get great power and rule the world!" IT cried, wringing ITs hands.

"NO". I was losing patience. The lightning was now lashing the dormitory and I could feel the floor shaking. "Now is time to renounce all these things."

"You will be in great poverty!' screamed IT.

"I ACCEPT THIS", I yelled.

"Your loves will be blighted and will suffer", IT thundered at me.

"I ACCEPT THIS," I yelled again.

"You will be rejected by all religions and everyone will turn against you," wailed IT.

"I ACCEPT THIS," I said, sadly.

"You will see everything in the Portal Chambers happen, all of it," cried the desperate killer.

"I ACCEPT THIS, TOO," I said with cold determination.

Then I rose up, and drew about myself a veil of clouds and rain and glittering stars and began the exorcism proper. There was a jolt of lightning and I heard someone cry out in the room, distantly. I became One and IT was gone.

As I left the Chambers of the Outer Darkness, there was this other creature, lounging at the Door. "Make a wish," it said, casually.

"What are you?" I asked, I was utterly spent now.

"I am your Guardian, a Watcher," it said.

"I want nothing," I said, trying to be careful. It laughed and suddenly, in my arms, I saw a baby briefly. All my life, I thought, and doctors told me, I couldn't have children. Yet here was the promise of one.

"Elaine! What is happening?" My roomate clutched at me, crying. She had come into the room and witnessed the end of the exorcism.

"I have to go home," I sighed. "Everything is done. She is safe. I have to get out of here."


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