Monday, April 04, 2005

Dreams Intersect With the Stars at Dawn

As the earth turns ever towards the star that holds it captive, dreams awaken and the sleeper stirs, the Doors to the Outer Darkness opens and the inner world rises and takes over and many things are revealed just as the nearest star's shine illuminates the earth.

Where day and night embrace is where Wisdom dwells next to Psyche and Nightmare's red blazing eyes glare, this is where Pegasus grazes. Pegasus, born in blood as Perseus slew Medusa, from her hot blood, spilling across the galaxy, gave birth to one of the biggest constellations, the divine Winged Horse, companion of the Graces, the Ark, the Great Square, the Iku of Ur, the Lightning Horse/Dragon, bringer of Flood, Pegasus changed over the eons as humans tried to bridle and tame this wild creature of the night.

All poets know that Pegasus is a dangerous ride but all poets mount Him to ride to the Heavens and pass through the Portals where words and deeds become one and the same and the Universal Mirror reflects the soul. There are many riders and many languages, each one bringing back a different picture of this infinite creature.

Here is my own tale of Pegasus.


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