Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Why I am in Some Odd Stories

One day, around 1978, I was hosting a sciencefiction writer. We were preparing for dinner when I announced, "A thunderstorm is coming". Immediately, my family members began the usual preparations. The writer was very amused.

"The building will be hit by at least one lightning bolt," explained my older sister. He scoffed.

No one else could see any sign of a storm but an hour later, a very ferocious, fast moving thunderstorm came bopping across Coney Island, where we lived at the time.

Suddenly, I rose from the table and said, "Excuse me, I am going into the tower room for a minute. Do not follow me". Even my little child knew what was going to happen next. She covered her ears.

Bang. A lightning bolt hit the tower room.

Our visitor hit the floor. Everyone else was relieved it was only a smallish bolt, nothing to write home about. I reentered the diningroom and resumed eating. This was just another day, another storm.


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