Thursday, May 12, 2005

Hamlet's Mill and the Changing Stars

When there are too many coincidences one is witnessing Magik.

While pursuing information from the amazing book,Hamlet's Mill a book by astronomers explaining the meaning of religion and the stars and how the riddle of the shifting of the earth's orbit created our entire complex of religions and myths when I found this sister site on the web: The Mill of Time

In it is a star chart showing a map of future Trigon events. This is when Jupiter and Saturn and the ecliptic coincide. Every 800 year cycle with a 2400 finishing each cycle.


The last one occured in mid October, 1950. Around my birthday.

2022 is the next Great Conjunction.

Then there is this:">

Radiation constantly batters Earth, from solar flares, explosions deep within our own galaxy and from other planets. Depending on the time of year, that bombardment can fill the slot between Earth's radiation belts.

Lightning clears out that path and restores order to the Earth's radiation belts in a matter of weeks - depending on the time of year, Green said.

NASA's IMAGE satellite, which travels over Earth's North and South Poles, mapped the radiation belts and compared them with lightning strokes recorded by two weather satellites.

The length of time lightning takes to clear out this slot depends on the number of lightning strokes, Green said. The quantity depends on the time of year.

This is a fascinating subject for me. The bolt that hit me when I was a child was definitely in the catagory of a bolt that would have caused this phenomomen.

The line of the Great Conjunction that runs through the ecliptic runs through Pegasus, too. Specifically, Algenib.

The history of the star: This white star marks the extreme tip of the Horse's wing, so that its name Algenib has been considered as derived from Al Janah, "the Wing" of Pegasus, but it probably is from Al-Janb (1), "the Side" or "the Flank". According to the biblical writer Bullinger it means "He who carries".
It has sometimes been written Algemo.

The constellation portends events concerning ships and the ocean and also changes in the weather. In medieval times it was said to indicate vain individuals with a great deal of ambition, but with very poor judgment. (Noonan).

Hey, I resent that. Will plan to pout for a few minutes. Done.

And here is the astrological chart stuff, rather amusing. I think I will go a begging, panhandling can be fun if you are good at deception....

Rising: Pegasus the winged Horse will appear and gallop aloft in the heavens. It will bring forth people endowed with swiftness of movement and limbs alert to perform every task. One man will cause his horse to wheel round in caracoles, and proudly mounted on its back he will wage war from on high, horseman and soldier in one. Another will possess the ability to rob the racecourse of its true length such is his speed that he will seem to dissemble the movement of his feet and make the ground vanish before him. Who more swiftly could fly back from the ends of the earth as messenger or with light foot to the earth's ends make his way? He will also heal a horse's wounds with the sap of common plants, and will know the herbs which bring aid to an animal's limbs and those which grow for the use of man. (Manilus, book 5 of Astronomica, 1st century AD).

With Sun: Mental disturbances, fevers and ill health, some danger of accidents. (Robson).

A fighting spirit and a love of learning. (Ebertin).

With Moon: Dishonor, loss by scandal, exiled or forced to flee, ill health, trouble through writings. (Robson).

With Mercury: Quick temper, mental disturbances, success in legal and other disputes. (Robson).

With Venus: Generous, proud, quick temper, bad morals, drink or evil habits, favorable for financial affairs. (Robson).

With Mars: Quick mind and body, lying or theft, danger of accidents. (Robson).

With Jupiter: Hypocrisy, financial success, real or pretended religious enthusiasm. (Robson).

With Saturn: Many enemies, success, secret help from powerful friends and influential relatives, bad morals. (Robson).

Good memory. (Ebertin).

With Uranus: Active and eccentric mind, reformer or agitator, great influence over the minds of others necessitating journeys, peculiar ideas in advance of the time, mystic and fond of mysteries though frank and open, domestic troubles especially in a woman's map. (Robson).

With Neptune: Conceited, stubborn, deceptive, cowardly, vacillating, untruthful, envious, superstitious, strong passions, sex troubles, evil surroundings, many enemies, mechanical ability, criminal tendencies, may be forger, sudden and violent death. (Robson).

Pretty much sums up my life! Well! This is amusing. I met my present husband...sword fighting! He was the marshal and I was fighting sword and shield. I also have a horrifically good memory. Can dredge up stuff from way back in time. I am famous for rabble rousing. Have a very loud voice that can carry even over the roar of a crowd. Used it in the past rather effectively. I am very mechanical. Taught this in college. Many enemies?

The new Pope hates my guts! He said so to the NYT! Knock me over with a feather! All because of an encounter in Tuebingen, Germany in 1968 when I accused him of being a Nazi. Well, well. Bush hates me, too. Rather personal, that. When you rabble rouse you get enemies who are of course, rulers who want sheep to herd, not free people.

Sex. Certainly had troubles with THAT! Being raped as a child certainly qualifies. A wild sex life. Yes. That is me.

Drink? Decided to can that. Too messy.

Proud? Me? Yeah. Right. Heh.

Flee? Writing getting me into trouble? Oh oh. I have a lifetime of troublesome writing and people threatening me. Several assassination attempts, too. One man tried three times to shoot me and missed each time. Yup.

Do I influence others? I suppose, but always, they do this through their own free wills. I ask for no one to follow me. When my husband proposed to me, I said, "Living with me is like living on a mountain lashed with lightning, reconsider this" and he said, 'I don't care. Let's get married". Now, we live on a mountain literally lashed by lightning. He thinks this is rather interesting.

Ill health certainly is an issue with me. This is why I eat carefully and grow most of my own food. Trust no one, that is my motto.


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